What is Mumbai?

Mumbai is a freeware Windows application targeted at Oracle DBAs and consultants, with a special focus on performance analysis.


Mumbai was tested on Windows XP, 2003 and Windows 7 and might well work on other versions of Windows. Mumbai needs a full Oracle Client installed on the machine where it runs or an Oracle Instant Client which needs to be available in a directory listed in the PATH environment variable.

Mumbai is meant to work with Oracle databases 9.2 to 11.2, but was mainly tested on 10.2. Some functionality is not available for 9.2 databases.


  • Instant access to important database views vital for DBAs and consultants
  • Retrieved data in Mumbai can be slices and dices in various ways (sorting, filtering, grouping, group arithmetic, etc.)
  • Visualization of data in graphs
  • SQL console window inducing support for bind variables
  • Executions plans for SQL statements from cursor cache, through EXPLAIN PLAN or through DBMS_XPLAN from the Mumbai SQL console window
  • Retrieve alert.log and trace files from the database server to Mumbai and process/analyze them there.
  • Start and stop 10046 traces for any session or process and trace the statements from your SQL console session with just a few clicks
  • Powerful 10046 trace file viewer if you need to dig into the details of a TKPROF or OraSRP report. OraSRP reports can be generated from within Mumbai.
  • Heap dump analyzer that aggregates data from trace files
  • Instant connections to DB server with RDP, putty or WinSCP
  • Run snapper from within Mumbai and let Mumbai visualize the data collected by snapper
  • Analyze Statspack or AWR data, e.g. to find interesting intervals for further analysis


Besides the screenshots below, there is a 30-minute webcast available showing what Mumbai can do.

Main interface and System events view showing how you can slice queried data in Mumbai
Visualized Time Model Data from a snapper session
Execution plan generated with DBMS_XPLAN including execution statistics
Mumbai's 10046 trace file viewer