The Oracle Online Event Aggregator

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With the global pandemic around, lots of high quality content went to online format over the last weeks. This seemed like the right time to start a private side-project and build a site which tries to aggregate all online events around the Oracle database.

Please check out the result at You can follow the accompanying Twitter bot at @OraEventsOnline, so you don’t miss an event.

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In a nutshell, the Oracle Online Event Aggregator lets you find all online events (webinars, presentations, conferences) around the Oracle database product.

Some of the available functions and features are:

  • You can do a full text search and filter all events by different dimensions.
  • The OOEA knows about your local timezone, shows the original event times and additionally the event times in your local timezone.
  • If you want to see the event times in a different timezone than the one your browser is using, you can change the timezone used.
  • You can tweet about a listed event that you like. The default tweet generated includes a link back to a page on which will immediately redirect to the actual event page of the organizer.
  • You can create an entry in your Google calendar for an event.
  • You can download an iCal/ics file for an event.
  • The OOEA runs it own Twitter bot. All events are tweeted 3 days before they start, so by following the OOEA twitter bot you won’t miss any events.
  • No ads. 🙂

If this site and the twitter bot prove useful for the Oracle Database community I plan to implement the following features:

  • Synchronization of all events on to a public Google calendar, which can then be subscribed by any Google calendar user.
  • Event data is currently added by me only though a private submission for. Once the submission process and form is optimized I will make this form public.
  • For adding lots of events in one go, I plan to document a CSV or json import format.

I’ve built this for a number of reason:

  • As I said, in times of the global pandemic, lots of high quality content went to online format. It seemed like the right time for such a site.
  • I wanted to find out how far you can get with the Oracle Cloud “Always Free” Tier. runs on OCI for free.
  • I wanted a project in production, so with a bit skin in the game, on OCI, to get a feel how smooth things go.
  • I wanted a to keep my APEX know-how up-to-date.
  • After all these years, I finally wanted a place where it’s my turn to test and debug in production. 😉

I will do a few blog posts about some implementation details and add some hints for using OCI Always Free.

Hope this is useful for the Oracle community! 🙂