Mumbai 3.0 status update

Thanks a lot to everyone who donated for Mumbai version 3.0 until now! The total is at around 110 130 140 US$ right now, but of course you can still change this. 🙂

I’ve started adding features and I’m making good progress. Here’s a sneak preview of what already is implemented for version 3.0:

  • You can now create your own charts from any table data (right click on a table and select “General function>New custom chart…”): custom_chart_setup


  • You can now test the functionality of database links from the context menu of the database links view
  • There is now a context sensitive help (F1) on V$*, DBA_* views and database parameters that links into the Oracle Reference Manual. The necessary files for Oracle 10 to 12 will be downloaded the first time you access the help feature: integrated help
  • Added a lot of new views (memory, storage, metrics, autotasks, ASM, system statistics…)
  • Added ASM views including a tree-like file explorer: asm_file_exporer
  • Mumbai can now connect to ASM instances and you can connect with the SYSASM privilege: sysasm_login
  • Generated user DDL now includes roles, grants, quota and profile information
  • Reorganized the button and ribbon layout
  • Changed the SQL statement for the “Missing bind variables” view. It now finds similar SQL based on FORCE_MATCHING SIGNATURE and PLAN_HASH_VALUE and aggregates the result set for easier analysis
  • If you use a master password to encrypt connection passwords, you will loose all your stored passwords with this release.
  • Fixed flickering cursor when executing queries in the console window
  • Fixed refresh of AWR and SP data
  • RAC compatibility fixes for ASH viewer
  • The ASH viewer now correctly shows and updates data for the current minute
  • Added “Select/Deselect all visible” in the multiple connections selection dialog
  • Added “SP and AWR Physical Disk I/O” report
  • Added “Test connection” and “Test all connections” to connection dialog
  • When refreshing a view, you now longer use your applied filters and sort order
  • Bug fixes: All connections now automatically get a name if no name is explicitly given (stopped ASH viewer from working)
  • Fixed an error when closing connections in console window and “Fetch DBMS_OUTPUT” was still active
  • Fixed: When executing a query on multiple connection and a query failed with ORA-… no connection back to the initially connected database happened