Side-by-side view, package navigator and Statspack/AWR reports on the history of V$FILESTAT in Mumbai version

Version of Mumbai is available for download.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • There is now a second page control on the left side of the main window where you can drag and drop pages to or you can right-click on a tab and select “Move to other side” to have a side-by-side view:

  • The bind variables panel in the console window can now be collapsed:

  • Package detail view: A view which combines the package and package body into one view with a procedure/function navigation tree and a list of errors in the package if there are any. You can double-click on an entry in the navigation tree or in the error list to jump to the code position. Green icons are functions/procedures that are also defined in the package definition and thus can be called from outside the package.

  • Added views for V$FILESTAT and V$TEMPSTAT and views that show the aggregated data from these V$ views (more about that here)
  • AWR/SP reports: Added reports for aggregated data from STATS$FILESTAT and STATS$TEMPSTAT (respectively DBA_HIST_TEMPSTATXS and DBA_HIST_FILESTATXS) (more about that here)
  • Added constraints view for “Table details view”
  • The SQL parser used for reformatting now supports not so common syntax (WITH, listagg, etc.)
  • Added column VISIBILITY in index list of table details view (>=Oracle 11.1)
  • Fixed missing spaces in SQL text retrieved for sql_id/old_hash_value
  • Fixed names of bind variables being truncated after 4 chars in 10046 trace file viewer
  • Removed the listagg function call for the “Unindexed FK constraints” query for Oracle version below 11.2
  • Added USES_DEFAULT_PASSWORD column in users view (>11.2 only through a join with DBA_USERS_WITH_DEFPWD)
  • Fetching executions plans with workload statistics didn’t work for statements starting with “WITH … AS”
  • After executing an SQL query/script against multiple databases in the console window, the SID for the connection was not updated, so tracing operations failed
  • Lots of tiny tweaks and fixes