Better support for running SQL scripts, data export functions and a few other fixes and enhancement in Mumbai version

Version of Mumbai is available for download.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • SQL*Plus “exec” command now is supported with “Run script” in console window
  • When running a script against multiple databases the “Fetch DBMS_OUPTPUT” option is now applied correctly over new connections
  • Fixed the position of the encrypt button in the connection dialog
  • Added missing join predicate on OWNER columns in “Unindexed foreign keys” query
  • Added columns constraint_name, referenced_owner, referenced_table and referenced_columns in “Unindexed foreign keys” view
  • You can now retrieve a custom number of lines from the alert.log instead of the fixed number of 2000 lines
  • Added context menu actions for “Run scheduler job” and “Stop scheduler job”
  • Added support for “SET SERVEROUTPUT ON/OFF” in scripts
  • Fixed the ismodified filter in parameter views
  • Script output is now color coded and can be filtered by output type through the context menu
  • Fixed the label “Disk reads per hour” with “Disk reads per second” in the SP/AWR SQL report graphs (thanks Nabil!)
  • Same sql_ids now have the same color over all graphs in the SP/AWR SQL report
  • The context menu for all data grid views now has a “General functions” item with the following sub-menu actions:
    1. Export to Excel
    2. Export to HTML
    3. Export to text
    4. Add filter by focused cell
    5. Cell multi-select