Mumbai version

Version of Mumbai is available for download. Here’s the list of changes:

  • Added graphical execution plan visualization
  • Execution plans are now shown with additional columns as seen in Randolf Geist’s brilliant xplan_extended_display_cursor script ( – Kudos and big thanks to Randolf!
  • Added correlation report for SP/AWR data
  • Made the SP/AWR Top SQL report queries significantly faster
  • Added Elapsed time, CPU time, Buffer gets and Disk reads per execution graphs in SP/AWR SQL reports
  • Added “Disk reads” graph to Statspack/AWR SQL reports
  • Fixed a problem in the “Elapsed time” graph for SP/AWR data showing unrealistic high values
  • Fixed error message in the log file switch map for more than 99 log file switches per hour
  • Joined the info from DBA_JOBS_RUNNING and DBA_JOBS into one view
  • Added “Base table” column in Segments View
  • Three new grouping options for Snapper ASH mode are available: “sid+sql_hash_value+event+program”, “sid+sql_hash_value+event+module”, “sid+sql_hash_value+event+terminal”
  • In the snapper ASH diagram you can now actually group by all columns that you asked snapper to gather
  • Added “Export to png” for chart views (in the “Data shown” tab of the customization window)
  • Updated Orasrp fixing a problem with empty 10046 trace file reports
  • Added “Show user ddl” context menu items in the user view
  • “Search SQL text by sql_id” now searches in V$SQLTEXT_WITH_NEWLINES
  • Fixed fetched record count in the status bar of the console window showing “?”
  • A couple of other fixes and small improvements…