Ta Da… Mumbai version 2 available

Many functional changes and additions and an update of the underlying 3rd party components made me raise the major version number to 2. I’ll try to blog about some of the new (and some old) features over the next days and weeks.

So, version of Mumbai is available for download and here’s the list of changes:

  • All (long running) queries can now be cancelled
  • All chart diagrams now have the following diagram types available: Line, Column, Area, StackedColumn, StackedArea
  • The chart diagram customization window now has settings for min/max values of the y-axis being drawn
  • You can now encrypt all connection passwords (stored in the filesystem) with a master password
  • There is now a new way to get an execution plan for a query: “parse, execute (without fetch)”
  • Added “Execute script as another user…” function to the console window
  • Cleaned up the Connection Manager design
  • You can now set primary DB credentials and additional DB credentials for a connection for quick access from the console window
  • You can now customize the visual appearance of Mumbai in the settings dialog – also changed the default visual style
  • Added a database links view
  • F11 now hides most of the ribbon toolbar
  • Fixed running object browser with a non-privileged user
  • Fixed one-click generation/retrieval of 10046/10053 trace files on Oracle 10.2 (no TRACEFILE column in V$PROCESS)
  • In the console window CTRL+S and CTRL+Shift+S insert “SELECT * FROM …” and “SELECT COUNT(*) FROM …” with an optional semicolon at the end
  • Fixed error “Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset” in console window
  • Fixed error “Overflow while converting variant of type (Double) into type (Integer)” in chart views
  • The DDL view now shows the errors for invalid objects
  • Ctrl+F4 now closed the active tab
  • When logged in “AS SYSDBA”, the SIDs for the console windows were wrong and thus the 10046 trace files were not activated for the console window session
  • Sessions from Mumbai now set the module information as seen in V$SESSION
  • Fixed conversion error in the Tablespaces/Datafiles view
  • Lots of other tiny fixes and changes…