Mumbai version

Version of Mumbai is available for download. Here’s the list of changes:

  • There are now three grouping options for Snapper available: “sql_id+event+wait_class”, “sid+sql_hash_value+event”, “sid+sql_id”
  • Console output window now uses a fixed font
  • Added object_type search criteria in object search dialog
  • Added support for DBMS_OUTPUT in the console window
  • Added “log groups/files/switch map” view
  • Added “Show ddl” context menu items for jobs and scheduler jobs
  • Added dba_scheduler_schedules view
  • DDL lookups for V_$* and GV_$* views are now served by a lookup in V$fixed_view_definition
  • Added “Search SQL text by sql_id” function (searches V$SQLTEXT, DBA_HIST_SQLTEXT (if Diagnostic Pack is licensed) and PERFSTAT.STATS$SQLTEXT (index on column sql_id is recommended))
  • Tabs in the main window can now be moved by drag & drop
  • Fixed order of values in one of the Statspack/AWR instance activity diagrams
  • Closing the snapper window somtimes left the Snapper SQL*Plus session open
  • DDL shown from the context menu of the object view disappared when closing the object view
  • When “count records” was disabled in the console window, executing a query always fetched all records
  • Fixed an out of memory error when loading a 10046 trace file