AWR/Statspack SQL Statement graphs available in version of Mumbai

Version of Mumbai is available for download now.

Besides a new AAS (Average Active Session) view which aggregates all wait events and DB CPU times into a single value for AWR and Statspack reports, there are now new graphs for the Top SQL statements from historic Statspack and AWR data. The basic idea is that you have a graph that shows you the information from the “Top SQL by elapased time”, “Top SQL by CPU time”, “Top SQL by buffer gets” and “Top SQL by executions” sections of a textual Statspack/AWR report, but over all snapsnots.

The picture above shows one line for each of the Top SQL statements. In this view the elapsed time over all intervals can be seen, but as visible from the tabs, “CPU time”, “Buffer gets” and “Number of Executions” is also available. When hovering over a line representing one SQL statement, the SQL text, it’s SQL_ID and HASH_VALUE and the values on the x- and y-axis are shown.