Quite a few nice enhancement in this update for Mumbai

Version is available for download and brings a couple of nice enhancements especially regardig 10046 tracing and trace file analysis.

There is now a one-click tracing function in Mumbai’s console window that will start a 10043 or 10053 tracing, execute your statement, disable tracing and fetch the trace file from the DB server with a single click. (Note that the mumbai42 schema has to be available in the database for the trace fetching to work). Only one further click is needed to send the fetched trace file to Mumbai’s 10046 trace file viewer and optionally to OraSRP.

The 10046 trace file viewer, which now uses about half as much memory and is twice as fast parsing the trace file, now comes with a separate table view of all bind variables found in the trace file. The nice thing is that you can right click on a bind variable set for a statement and then open a new console window with the SQL statement and all bind variables set up, as they were found in the trace file. So, you can actually extract an SQL statement and its bind variables as a tuning set and work on it.

Something I was personally missing very much and one of the seldom reasons why I still started Oracle’s SQL Develoeper from time to time was the possibility to bring SQL statements into a nice readable format. Mumbai does that for me now and it can do it for you, too. 😉 And since this needed an SQL parser anyway, I added a basic on-the-fly SQL syntax check, too.

It wasn’t before I read Norbert Debes excellent book “Secrets of the Oracle Database” that I learned about the alter session set current_schema=... syntax and from then on, I frequently used it. That’s why there is now is a selection box for the current schema in the console window.

And finally, you can now create Statspack and AWR Snapshots from within Mumbai with a button click.

As always, the full list of changes is on the download page. I hope you like the updated version and if you do, then please spread the word about Mumbai. Thanks!