Mumbai version available with reworked custom command functionality

I reworked the custom commands functionality for this release. Custom commands now go on their own tab and you can setup everything through the Mumbai GUI.

A few hints for setting for things up:

  • Select “Configure scripts and commands” from the large “Configuration” button on the right and set up your custom commands.
  • Once you click OK, default buttons are created for you commands on the “Custom” tab.
  • Select “Button layout…” from the large “Configuration” button on the right and you can drag and drop around the buttons to reorganize them, drag and drop up to 10 “Subitem” buttons onto the button toolbar under which you then can again add your custom commands.
  • To set the caption for the Subitem buttons, select “Button layout…” and right-click on a Subitem button (see image below).
  • You should use each of the 10 subitem buttons only once, since two instances of the same subitem button will always hold the same child buttons.
  • Unfortunetly, if you had set up any custom commands with a previous version of Mumbai, you will need to set them up again.